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GISBIR Secondary School was officially opened

GİSBİR Secondary School was opened by Acting Chairman of Justice and Development Party Mr. Binali YILDIRIM, Minister of National Education Mr. Prof. Dr. Mahmut ÖZER, Former Minister of National Education Mr. İsmet YILMAZ, Former Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Osman Askin BAK, Governor of Istanbul Mr. Ali YERLIKAYA, Congressman of Istanbul Mr. Serkan BAYRAM, Congressman of Sivas Mr. Habip SOLUKALMAK,  Naval Academy Commander Mr. Rear Admiral Erhan AYDIN, Provincial Police Chief Mr. Zafer AKTAŞ, Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Levent YAZICI, Tuzla District Governor Mr. Ali AKÇA, Tuzla Mayor Mr. Dr. Şadi YAZICI honored his participation. The official opening was attended by GISBIR President Mr. Murat KIRAN, Deputy President Mr. Bilgehan BAYRAMOĞLU, Vice President Mr. Orhan TORLAK and our Board Members participated.

Built on a plot of 5400 square meters, GISBIR Secondary School has a total of 24 classrooms, including 20 Normal Classrooms, 1 Robotic Coding Class, 1 Science Class, 2 Special Education Classes, and as one of the most equipped schools in Tuzla, it provides education to 600 students.

GISBIR Secondary School is one of best equipment schhol in Tuzla Region.

GISBIR Secondary School, which is located on a 5400-square-meter building plot, has a total of 24 classrooms, including 20 regular classrooms, 1 robotic coding class, 1 science class, and 2 special education classes, and the school serves 600 students.

We are delighted and pleased to have completed the GISBIR Secondary School project, which will secure our country’s future and improve our educational quality.


We participated in the Europort exhibition

The Europort Fair, which brought together around 800 companies from 40 nations, took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from November 2 to 5.

In addition to GISBIR, the Europort Fair featured 19 Turkish companies with booths, including Beşiktaş, Sanmar, Uzmar, and Seltaş Shipyards. Turkish and Spanish companies came together at the GISBIR booth on the third day of what is known as the fair’s long night.

Representing GISBIR at the Europort fair, Secretary General Mrs. Mehtap Özdemir, Board Member and President of the External Relations Commision, Mr. Nurettin Çalışkan, Public Relations Specialist, Mrs. Merve Akan took part. TİM Deputy Chairman and DTO Board Member Mr. Başaran Bayrak, Board Member Mrs. Ebru Şenkaya and External Relations Commision Members, Mr. Ertuğ Yaşar and Mr. Erhan Esinduy made a visit.


The 51st General Assembly of Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR)

The 51st General Assembly meeting, which took place on June 22, 2021, with a large turnout of our Member Representatives, was held following social distance and hygiene laws, in the sitting arrangement set up in our Union’s garden and in the open area today.

General Secretary Mr. In the 51st General Assembly, opened by Mehtap ÖZDEMİR, President Mr. Bilgehan BAYRAMOĞLU, Deputy Chairman Mr. Ebru ŞENKAYA, Clerk Member Mr. Salih BOSTANCI took place. GISBIR Financial Advisor Mr. Murat ERİŞTİ read the Annual Report at the assembly.

Mr. Murat KIRAN, who was re-elected to the position of Chairman of the Board of GISBIR for another three years, chose the members of the Board of Directors and Auditors, as well as the Association’s Bodies, based on delegates’ preferences and open vote.

In his closing speech, Mr. KIRAN mentioned the possible problems of the future and their alternative solutions. Also, President of GISBIR Mr. Murat KIRAN emphasized the importance of our industry in the world market and stated that the successful promotional activities carried out in international fairs should continue without slowing down.


Resurgam Project: Robotic Survey, Repair & Agile Manufacture

RESURGAM (robotic survey, repair & agile manufacture) proposes to leverage recent ground-breaking developments in Friction Stir Welding (FSW). Launched on February 1st, 2021, this multi-disciplinary consortium representing European shipbuilding and maintenance stakeholders (ACLUNAGA, NED-Project, AISTER, GISBIR, EWF), research organizations with specialist expertise in the relevant fields (TWI, University of Limerick, University of Lancaster Joining 4 Innovation Centre (J4IC), TU Delft) and specialist industrial SMEs able to provide rapid development of prototype hardware (Forth Engineering, STIRWELD, ESI, E6)

For 36 months, across 9 countries (Belgium; Netherlands; United Kingdom; Ireland; Turkey; Cyprus; Spain; France and Poland) the project will be able to increase competitiveness and growth within the European market, particularly in international sectors, reinforcing and growing European employment and the necessary skills development for the successful uptake of innovative production processes and technologies. Many of the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized EU shipyards can be addressed by improving their productivity when fabricating new, high-technology vessels, increasing their access to the specialist repair and maintenance market.

A recent breakthrough in the tooling material research available for FSW now shows potential to enable this process for welding of steel structures with consistency. Traditionally, it has only been possible to use FSW in aluminum, so the advances in the field represent a huge opportunity to improve the productivity of European shipyards.

RESURGAM will combine FSW with the new tool material to deliver:

• The introduction of low-cost friction stir welding systems for steel that can be retrofitted to their existing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines;

• The introduction of AI-enabled, robotic FSW systems capable of making underwater weld repairs.

These fabrication and repair capabilities, backed by the secure, digital Industry 4.0 infrastructure and techniques already widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries, will facilitate the rapid, coordinated but modular manufacture of ships and watercraft throughout Europe.

Practically, this will allow damaged ships anywhere in the world to benefit from the option of being repaired in-situ, without the need to travel to the nearest dry dock. Shipowners will be able to choose the most suitable yards to conduct their repairs rather than the nearest, and the repairs may be undertaken by yards with no dry dock of their own, thus significantly increasing the number of yards available to undertake such work. The new and improved process will be implemented by European shipyards and naval architects in Europe.

The positive economic impact of RESURGAM will generate gains in the modular construction of new ships, in modular ship maintenance, and in ship operation delivered by modular outfitting. Economic benefits will allow the use of in-water/underwater maintenance to the wider European ship maintenance sector, maximizing EU added value by appropriate means of minimizing knowledge and technology leakage.

The use of FSW for underwater and under oil welding of steel will allow us to:
– Deliver a prototype of underwater FSW (U-FSW) head capable of robotic deployment;
– Deliver an AI-enabled robotic UFSW system capable of performing inspection and underwater FSW in confined spaces;
– Deliver in yard FSW fabrication capabilities for a modular build, modifications, and retrofitting;
– Enable better connectivity and collaboration between European value chain stakeholders to drive modular and flexible manufacturing of ships and/or rapid repair, modification and maintenance of ships in water;
– Ensure improvements for AI-enabled robotic system, modular build capabilities and supporting digital infrastructure;
– Develop tailored business models to support the sustainability and commercialization of RESURGAM outputs.

For more information, you can visit us at


GISBIR visited Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR) visited Ambassador, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs Mr. Faruk KAYMAKCI, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate For EU Affairs Directorate General for Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation Director Mr. Bülent OZCAN and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate for EU Affairs Head of Department Mrs. Burcu ALTINORDU.

The visit took place on Wednesday March 25 in Ankara by the Secretary-General Mrs. Mehtap OZDEMIR and External Relations Specialist Mr. Ahmet SAMLIOGLU.

During the visit, emphasis was placed on innovation and R&D projects that will contribute to the development of the maritime industry in our country.


Safe Shipyards with Technology Based Trainings


This project is co-funded by the European Union
and the Republic of Turkey 

Safe Shipyards with Technology Based Trainings project has started between the cooperation of Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR) – European Union

The IPA 2014 – 2020 (IPA II) legal framework and financial assistance are under the responsibility of DG Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, with the exception of cross-border cooperation between Member States and IPA countries. This project is being implemented under the component Development of The Occupational Health and Safety (IOHS) Grant Program. The grant program funded by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, and monitored by The European Union, and Department of Financial Assistance. The operational beneficiary of the program is the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Services.

Safe Shipyards Project with Technology-Based Trainings, developed with an innovative, technology-based learning model such as virtual reality and e-learning, was created for occupational health and safety in the shipbuilding industry. Within the scope of the project, activities will be carried out for 18 months. Among the activities to be held; there will be study visits abroad, OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) commission activities, the establishment of OHS Laboratory, impact assessment report, pilot implementation activities. The goal of the project is to  shape the future and to pioneer innovation among all industries.


We Attend Opening Meeting of Resurgam Project

The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) is an organization dedicated to education, training, qualification and certification in the field of welding and related technologies. On February 11th, The coordinator of the new project RESURGAM’s. hosted a virtual kick-off meeting.

RESURGAM counts with 13 amazing European partners to improve the technologies associated to Underwater Friction Stir Welding (UFSW). (TUD, TWI, University of Limerick, J4IC – TWI Innovation Network, Element Six, Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR), ESI Ltd. Engitec Systems International Ltd. , AISTER, STIRWELD, Forth Engineering (Cumbria) Ltd. ,  Asociacion Cluster Naval Gallego, Ned-Project – Naval Architects & Ship Designers).

The consortium will develop an innovative UFSW robotic system, a modular fabrication with FSW capability, and a digital platform to support them.

Highly innovative outputs to be delivered to the maritime industry will count on the exclusive expertise of the project partners.

If you need more details about Resurgam Project, make sure you visit the link below for more information:



We are attending Hellenic Maritime Forum as a speaker

As Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association we continue to take our place in international organizations.

Our Secretary General Mrs. Mehtap ÖZDEMİR, will participate Hellenic Maritime Forum to presenting the developments in Turkish shipbuiling industry to the Hellenic Maritime Forum, which will take place online between 26-27 January 2021. The speech will begin at 17:10 on Tuesday, 26 January 2021. We will give some details about the measure taken by The Turkish shipbuilding during the COVID-19 outbreak and as well as maintenance and repair activities.


Last meeting of ICS Leadership Insight Series: “Industry transformation – What does it take to realise the 4th propulsion revolution?”

The sixth meeting of the Leadership Insight Series will be held on January 13, 2021, at 1:00 pm. We support, as one of the key sponsors of GISBIR, the meetings moderated by ICS President Esben Poulsson.

Theme of the last meeting is  “Industry transformation – What does it take to realise the 4th propulsion revolution?”

Key Questions

  •        What does it take to catalyse sectoral transformation?
  •        Where have market-based measures been demonstrably effective?
  •        What can shipping learn from other sectors – energy, infrastructure, finance?
  •        What has not been successful?
  •        How to stimulate mission-possible innovation?
  •        De-risking investment strategies.
  •        Closing the competitiveness and collaboration gap 


  • Graham Westgarth, Chairman V. Group
  • Zoe Knight Managing Director and Group Head, HSBC Centre of   Sustainable Finance
  • Philipe Lowe, Partner Oxera Consulting and Former Directo General of Energy, European Comission

Additional speakers to follow

Register at :




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