GISBIR receives Certificate of Appreciation from Australia

A Certificate of Appreciation from the AE2 Commemorative Foundation was given to the Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR) and GISAS Shipbuilding Co. Inc.

Suheyl Demirtas, Chairman GISAS Shipbuilding Co. Inc. and the Secretary-General Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR) received a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of GISBIR and GISAS from the AE2 Commemorative Foundation for their support for the HMAS AE2 Project Silent Anzac. The AE2 Commemorative Foundation was founded by the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) in 2006 to preserve and protect the wreck of and to promote the historical significance of HMAS AE2 in the Sea of Marmara, which was sunk by the Turkish Navy during the World War I.

RTD. Rear Admiral Peter Briggs, President AE2 Commemorative Foundation and RTD. Commodore Terence Roach, Director AE2 Commemorative Foundation, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Suheyl Demirtas, Chairman GISAS and the Secretary-General GISBIR for their support regarding Marine Rehearsal and Training Exercise in Tuzla, Istanbul between the dates 4-56 June 2014 within the Silent Project, covering the MAA 2014 (Marine Archeological Assessment) Project