GISBIR donation for primary school students


Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR) delivered aid in kind and made donation to Maltepe Gülsuyu Primary School in Istanbul Turkey within a social responsibility project.

GISBIR Board took a decision to undertake a refurbishment project for the principal’s office, deputy principal’s office and teacher’s lounge with aid in kind.

In addition, due to their unfavorable economic conditions of the students, 100 winter coats, 100 pairs of winter boots and 100 tshirts were donated to the students of Gülsuyu Primary School,

Having stated that this far-reaching aid provided by GISBIR was of great importance for the students and the school, Muzaffer Yeşilova, the Principal, thanked Orhan Torlak, GISBIR Vice President and Süheyl Demirtaş, the Secretary-General.