SMM Istanbul 2014 was held with GISBIR support


SMM Istanbul 2014 international maritime conference and exhibition, the sole shipbuilding summit and conference in Turkey and a key meeting place for the maritime community as the sector comes together under one roof to display the latest high-tech innovations, products and services, was held by the support of the Turkish Shipbuilders Association (GISBIR) in Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Centre, Istanbul between 26-27 February 2014.

Orhan Torlak, Deputy President GISBIR, Orkun Ozek, Board Treasurer, Huseyin Mengi, Board Member, Suheyl Demirtas, the Secretary-General and Ercan Ozokutucu, the Deputy Secretary-General participated the event.

Having made an opening speech for SMM Istanbul 2014, Suheyl Demirtas, the Secretary-General acted as the Chairman of the Work Boat Executive Summit and made a presentation about the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry.

Huseyin Mengi, Board Member GISBIR and Chairman Mengi Yay Yacths, made a presentation titled “General Market Information – Turkey ranks third in the world” about the Turkish yacht building industry, which ranks the third in the world, during the Turkish Megayacht Forum.