On Thursday, 22 October 2020, the EU Commission Shipyards Site visit took place.  Navtek, GİSAŞ, Sanmar Shipyard, Sefine Shipyard and Cemre Shipyard were visited during the visit of Ocean Finance Operations Managing Director Panos Zacharioudakis.

GISBIR Secretary-General Mrs. Mehtap ÖZDEMİR, R&D Specialist Mr. Gökhan Murat KAYA, R&D Specialist Mr. Doğanay ÖZDÖL, and from NAVTEK company Cansu TUNCER, and Ümit ATAMAN were involved.

The shipyard zone was introduced, with zero-emission Zee-Tug. After the sail,  Sanmar Shipyard was visited. In the afternoon, a field visit to the Sefine Shipyard and Cemre Shipyard in the Yalova Area took place.

During the visit, shipyard capabilities and processes were shared by the shipyard managers. Furthermore, by contacting the department managers, technical specifics were learned.