GİSBİR Secondary School was opened by Acting Chairman of Justice and Development Party Mr. Binali YILDIRIM, Minister of National Education Mr. Prof. Dr. Mahmut ÖZER, Former Minister of National Education Mr. İsmet YILMAZ, Former Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Osman Askin BAK, Governor of Istanbul Mr. Ali YERLIKAYA, Congressman of Istanbul Mr. Serkan BAYRAM, Congressman of Sivas Mr. Habip SOLUKALMAK,  Naval Academy Commander Mr. Rear Admiral Erhan AYDIN, Provincial Police Chief Mr. Zafer AKTAŞ, Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Levent YAZICI, Tuzla District Governor Mr. Ali AKÇA, Tuzla Mayor Mr. Dr. Şadi YAZICI honored his participation. The official opening was attended by GISBIR President Mr. Murat KIRAN, Deputy President Mr. Bilgehan BAYRAMOĞLU, Vice President Mr. Orhan TORLAK and our Board Members participated.

Built on a plot of 5400 square meters, GISBIR Secondary School has a total of 24 classrooms, including 20 Normal Classrooms, 1 Robotic Coding Class, 1 Science Class, 2 Special Education Classes, and as one of the most equipped schools in Tuzla, it provides education to 600 students.

GISBIR Secondary School is one of best equipment schhol in Tuzla Region.

GISBIR Secondary School, which is located on a 5400-square-meter building plot, has a total of 24 classrooms, including 20 regular classrooms, 1 robotic coding class, 1 science class, and 2 special education classes, and the school serves 600 students.

We are delighted and pleased to have completed the GISBIR Secondary School project, which will secure our country’s future and improve our educational quality.