The Europort Fair, which brought together around 800 companies from 40 nations, took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from November 2 to 5.

In addition to GISBIR, the Europort Fair featured 19 Turkish companies with booths, including Beşiktaş, Sanmar, Uzmar, and Seltaş Shipyards. Turkish and Spanish companies came together at the GISBIR booth on the third day of what is known as the fair’s long night.

Representing GISBIR at the Europort fair, Secretary General Mrs. Mehtap Özdemir, Board Member and President of the External Relations Commision, Mr. Nurettin Çalışkan, Public Relations Specialist, Mrs. Merve Akan took part. TİM Deputy Chairman and DTO Board Member Mr. Başaran Bayrak, Board Member Mrs. Ebru Şenkaya and External Relations Commision Members, Mr. Ertuğ Yaşar and Mr. Erhan Esinduy made a visit.